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Guess what! Today is Women’s Friendship Day and at LaVogue all crew members are friends 👭👭👭 I would like to send many thanks to all the ladies that make this fashionblog happen, you are the eggs to my bacon 😁
Sep 21, 2014

Guess what! Today is Women’s Friendship Day and at LaVogue all crew members are friends 👭👭👭 I would like to send many thanks to all the ladies that make this fashionblog happen, you are the eggs to my bacon 😁

Sep 20, 2014

My name is Vanessa Canales and I am the Treasurer for La Vogue. I was introduced to these lovely ladies
as a freshman at La Verne and it was my junior year when they asked if I wanted to be part of the La
Vogue team. I am a newly 21 year old and senior istory major at the University of La Verne. I never
thought of myself to be fashion savvy however I like being part of a group who is. I would describe my
style as a basic Southern California girl with a relaxed yet quirky fashion sense. I hoard my clothing so I
find myself wearing timeless pieces with something popular, like high waist shorts/jeans. Overall, my
experience in La Vogue has been great and I love meeting new people and learning about their ideas
and thoughts behind fashion.
My dress is from Forever 21, and I absolutely adore it! I am really short so I live by short dresses; they fit
perfectly and are able to complement my figure in a flattering way. I also enjoy wearing patterns such as
the floral design because it can be easily paired with items such as shoes, jewelry, and etc. When
wearing this dress I can play it up with heels and dress it down with Rainbow sandals. It just depends on
where I am going and who I will interact with.
My brown gladiator heels are from the reliable Target, I really enjoy the chunky heel because it provides
comfort. I understand the statement beauty is pain but I rather not follow that advice at all. I am all for
comfort and think every man and woman should strive for comfort in their wardrobe because it will
increase you confidence as well as overall happiness.
My gold bracelet is from Forever 21 and is a go to accessory that complements my Juicy Couture
necklace. I have had my necklace since my 16
am incredibly proud to still have this piece since I seem to lose my belongings from time to time. My soft
pink pearl earrings are a gift from my wonderful cousin; she got them while working in the Philippines. I
did not want to overload my accessories with gold, so I incorporated the pink pearl to balance my
jewelry. It is important for me to wear jewelry because it honestly completes my outfit and if I forget to
wear any, I feel a bit naked.

Sep 19, 2014 / 1 note

ame: Michael Chaoui
Major: International Business and Language
Hometown: Glendora, CA
Year: Senior
Age: 25 
Icon: John Hamm
White button up: Pierre Cardin
Blazer: Givenchy
Pants: autica
Brown Belt: autica
Watch: Invicta
Black Glasses: Ray Bans
LV: “How would you describe your style?”
MC: “Simple, classy, and timeless.”
LV: “What style would you like to see reemerge?”
MC: “Well fitting pants, get rid of that skinny shit.”
LV: “What were your past styles?”
MC: “I went punk for a while with spiked belts, bracelets, and hair. I would wear black Chuck Taylors
high tops, my more embarrassing past sty

Sep 18, 2014 / 1 note

Name: Alissa Rubio
Year: Freshman
Major: communications and concentrating in public relations

Shorts and Top: Forever 21 
Backpack: Marc by Marc Jacobs

LV: “Who is your fashion icon?”
AR: “I admire Gwen Stefani’s style.”
LV: “How do you feel about the way our generation dresses”
AR: “I feel as though everyone has the right to express themselves through their style. There’s
a freedom to it.”
LV: “How does the media portray fashion?”
AR: “With celebrities wearing clothes that is more edgy, I’d say that today’s society is more revealing, however I don’t feel that anyone means any harm by it. I think celebrities want to
make statements and set trends. It’s always evolving and changing, people rock all sorts of
LV: “What does fashion mean to you?”
AR: “When viewing the history of fashion there has always been differing opinions and someone
is always pushing the limits which what makes fashion so fun and controversial.”

Sep 18, 2014 / 4 notes

Name: Gage Henderson
Age: 21
Major: Social science major, business Administration minor
Year: Senior
Hometown: Hesperia

“My style is athletic and laid back for the most part but I’ll mix it up with A preppy flare depending on the occasion”

Black Shirt - Bjjhq website
Cargo shorts - Old Navy
Sperry brand Shoes - Zumies
Colorful bucket hat - gift

LV: “Describe a throwback style or fashion phase you went through back in the day?”
GH: “In junior high school I went through an emo phase. I used to wear punk rocker bracelets and black button-down shirts with a red tie. I attribute the style to the band Greenday”

LV: “How would you say that media depicts fashion, trends and the male/female models that promote it? Would say it’s more negative or positive?”
GH: “In the media, people are always making an attempt to make the best product visible. Today, the body itself has taken precedent, primarily in women but not excluding men. It has made a negative impact because as women in everyday life feel permitted to do the same. Whereas it would be much classier and more attractive to leave certain things a mystery.

LV: “Do you have any fashion icons?”
GH: “My fashion Icons are Schoolboy Q and Pharrell

Sep 15, 2014

Greetings LaVoguers,

We are proud to announce that LaVogue has finally become an official club at the University of La Verne!
Today we sat down with President, Devorah Lieberman for her fashion forward dress for success outlook. Check out our new feature on the fabulous Devorah Lieberman!

LV: “How do you use clothing and style to showcase your confidence?
DL: “As I mentioned earlier, you cannot not communicate. Everything I do from how I stand, to what I wear, what I say, communicates something about who I am. In particular with my clothing, I always try to communicate. Everyday when I wake up I look at my meetings for the day and I say, what do I want to communicate in each of my meetings, and if I see that I am going to have a very serious meeting I will wear a suit and I will wear a dark suit. So today I am wearing this pastel dress. I knew it was going to be warm out and I had a meeting with presidents in other local organizations so I also brought a white jacket so it would look more serious. I know I am going to be on campus for the rest of the day so in between meetings I want to walk around campus all day and be with the students. What do I want to communicate? I want to communicate approachable, accessible, and not stand offish. When I put on this dress today I wanted to show that I take my students seriously but I also want them to feel comfortable approaching me.”

LV: “What should a woman wear in a professional meeting to be taken seriously? Does she have to wear more masculine outfits or can she wear feminine clothing?”
DL: “I always want to be taken seriously but when I am going into a meeting where I know I will be talking about very serious issues, whether I am with men or women, I usually wear more tailored things. So it’s not so much that it’s more masculine but just more tailored. When I am going to be on campus I wear less tailored clothing because I want to appear less formal and more approachable. I never wear anything that can be unbuttoned. I never want to accentuate things that will distract the other person. I am very conscious of exposing anything.”

LV: “In a professional setting, should we choose colors that are more diplomatic or is it ok to wear colors like pink or red?”
DL: “That is a very good question. I do have some red suits that are tailored and I think that they communicate strong self-esteem. If you wear black suits you just blend in but I want to communicate that I am serious and I have strong self-esteem. I have several red suits and a purple suit as well, so I do wear colors.”

LV: “What do you think about the body image in media?”
DL: “At night when I watch the news, I notice that the focus is on the weather women’s bodies rather than the actual weather. They wear clothing that accentuate their bodies and every time the news come on and I am in a room with people they say, look at what she is wearing. It becomes the focal point.”

LV: “Now, that you mentioned it I see that it is true.“
DL: “Why do women who report the weather look so sexy, I don’t understand that. But I also love to watch the red carpet events like the Oscars and the Emmy’s because I like to see what every body is wearing. I think it is really fun to play with clothing but, you need to know what is appropriate in the right place.”

Sep 13, 2014 / 1 note

Remy Easterling

Hello Fellow Lavoguers,
​My name is Remy Easterling and I am the secretary of Lavogue. I am from the fabulous city of Los Angeles and I am currently an English major at the University of Laverne as well as an American Law minor. Being a part of the Lavogue project has really opened my eyes to a plethora of different styles and trends on the Laverne campus. Not only has it exposed me to a number of different clothing looks amongst students but it has also exposed me to the many unique personalities that compliment these styles. I have always had a love for fashion, especially when it comes to experimenting with different patterns and accessories but I have never really been able to categorize my style. I usually just wear what looks cool and funky but then there are some days when I might want to step out in something more subtle. I don’t really spend a lot of money on clothes; I normally just hit up the thrift store with ten bucks and come out with an arm full of unique pieces. I really think the point of fashion is to be bold with it and truly showcase your personality and your character through it. I’m sure some people might think my style is too much but that doesn’t bother me at all because I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t rocking something over the top to class or an event. If I had any advice to give not just in regards to fashion but just in life, I would say to just be yourself with all that you do. I know it sounds cliché, but I know for a fact that if you are not being yourself in whatever you are doing you won’t truly be happy.

The Outfit:
​I am very obsessed with African styled clothing. I think that it is absolutely beautiful and vibrant and I think I am more geared toward that style of dress because my mother and grandmother are always wearing some amazing African Styled pieces. I didn’t really start experimenting with this particular style of dress until this summer and I fell in love with how each piece was so colorful, comfortable and so complimentary with my body type. I also love that in this clothing I feel so much more connected to my roots and my heritage. The intricacy of the painted cloths are so unique and bold, I cant help but to feel confident when I’m wearing them. This particular outfit though was actually made by best friend’s mother. It is such a loud and daring piece and stands out on its own, which is why I only paired it with it simple beaded jewelry so it wouldn’t take away from it. I also paired the button-down with black lace thigh high socks to give the look an edgy flare.

Head Wrap:
​The head wrap is the most essential part of this outfit. I think this particular accessory makes the whole ensemble come together and really gives the look A funky African Flare. To make the wrap all I did was take a simple winter scarf that you can purchase at just about any clothing store, and twisted it around my head tightly so it stays secure. It’s very easy to do, and it looks great. I became really inspired to wear wraps when I started following blogs dedicated to African fashion. All the women that are featured are so beautiful and trendy I immediately became intrigued.

The Jewelry:
I chose to go with jewelry that was simple enough to not take away from the outfit but still bold enough to stand out. I wore brown and tan beaded necklaces that I received as a gift from Lavogue President Alina Rozwadowska, which really enhanced the ethnic vibe of the outfit. I also wore matching beaded bracelets that were gifts from my boyfriend, as well as a beautiful gold bracelet with colorful flowers that was passed down to me from my grandmother. And lastly the gold, oval shaped earrings were purchased from a boutique in Pasadena.

The Shoes:
​I have a huge weakness for crazy platform shoes. My awesome platform collection is growing rapidly and I wish I could share them all. But these particular Burgundy velvet wedges were chosen because they compliment the colors in the button-down perfectly. I always get different people coming up to me and asking if they are heavy or hard to walk in but they are actually very light weight shoes and I have no difficulty walking. Whenever I want to wear a cute circle skirt or an edgy T-shirt dress, I always pull these babies out to pair it with.

Sep 12, 2014 / 3 notes

Rianne Sanchez

Year: Freshman
Age: 18
Major: Kinesiology
Hometown: Arcadia CA
Icon: None

Rianne’s “neutral colored outfit”:
Ivory Body Suit- Charlotte Russe
Zig Zag A-line Skirt- Store Closer Sale in Burbank CA
Pointed Black Flats- Store Closer Sale in Burbank CA
White Olivia Joy Bag- Surprise from Mom
Gold Wristwatch- Michael Kors

LV: “What is your favorite genre of style?”
RS: “That is a really tough question! I would have to say I really
like 20’s and 30’s vintage style.
Personally I favor fashion that is simplistic. Back in those times,
clothes were simpler but still really
elegant. I like that the clothes in that era were not too crazy or revealing.”

LV: “How has your style transformed within the last five years?”
RS: “ My style has changed a lot. I used to be really involved with
playing volleyball and I didn’t really
care what I was wearing. Most of the time I would wear regular
t-shirts and black spandex shorts, pretty
much clothes you would wear while hanging out at home. Now that I have
started college I definitely
dress more girly. Also I used to wear a uniform every day at school,
so I didn’t really have much of a

LV: “Does your attitude change depending on the clothes you are wearing?”
RS: “I feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed in my athletic clothes.
When I dress presentable I
defiantly feel more confident. I am not saying that I don’t feel
confident in my athletic gear but I do feel
more positive when I am dressed up.

Sep 11, 2014 / 2 notes

Name: Emily Burchett
Major: Communications
Year: Sophomore
From: Salt Lake City, UT
Age: 21

Icon: “Jennifer Lawrence because she cares more about comfort than looking good.”

Purple Quarter Sleeve Dress: From H&M “It was only 6 dollars!”
Brown Booties: Thrift Store
Silver Bracelets: Alex & Annie and Invisible Children

LV: “How would you describe your style in general?”
EB: “Very comfortable yet trying to be fashion forward, I tend to wear a lot of masculine clothing with a woman’s twist. I like to cover my body up because I am tired of seeing ass and titties, leave some for the imagination.”

LV: “What style would you like to see remerge?”
EB: “Sandals with socks, but you have to be careful on how you do it.”

LV: “What were your past styles?”
EB: “When I was younger I never took off this denim skirt, I wore it every day and my parents would try to convince me not to. Otherwise I never wore clothes.”

Sep 10, 2014 / 2 notes

Age: 19
Major: Public Relations
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Richfield, Wisconsin
Icons: Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Chiara Ferragni, Berri Goldfarb

Everything Jaime wears is recycled or a thrift store item; today is laid-back and so environmentally friendly!

Cream top with rope belt – borrowed from a friend
Jeans – recycled from a friend
Pattern Shoes with buckle – thrift store find
Maroon Jacket – Lost and found item
Carpet-style Bag – hand-me-down from her mom
Gold Leaf Earrings – Gift from a friend
Peacock Necklace – Gift from a friend
Wire ring – Gift from her sorority “Big”
Beaded Bracelets – from a friend at Stagecoach

LV: “How would you describe your style in one sentence?”
JK: “I would say, my style is cute, chic and cheap.”

LV: “Who influences your style?”
JK: “No one really; I do my own thing. It changes everyday and I dress to my personal interest.”

LV: “Did you have any crazy past styles?”
JK: “You know… I always wanted to dye my hair blue. I love flannel shirts and try to stay away from real pants like slacks. I don’t wear what I know won’t look good on me.”

LV: “Do you have style or life advice for La Voguers?”
JK: “Wear what you’re most comfortable in. Don’t let people’s judgments affect how you dress.”