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Oct 18, 2014

Welcome back LaVoguers!
Fashion is all about taking risks and owning your look. The ULV community members
who choose to express themselves with unconventional dress attire were my inspiration for
this week’s feature. On our latest installment of LaVogue Crew riday I will be jumping out of
my comfort zone and sporting one of my edgier looks. The ensemble I am modeling was
influenced by modern L.A. fashion combined with a 90’s twist. I am thrilled to be showcased
for a second time on our blog and I hope everyone enjoys getting another peak in to my
personal style.

I said it before and I will say it again, I do not consider myself to be a trendy
fashionista. The bold pieces I am wearing today have been chilling in my closet for quit some
time now, patiently waiting for their time to shine. Typically I tend to gravitate towards
earthy and neutral tones and shy away from vibrant colors. However my goal for this feature
was to step out of the constraints of my normal style and try something new.

The blue velvet crop top and gold metallic a-line skirt are the mega stars of my outfit.
Due to the garments difference in color and texture they defiantly add depth to my look. Both
pieces were purchased from American Apparel.
Another major player to my ensemble is my black and white cray beanie, which I
purchased from Although I don’t rock it that often, my cray beanie is defiantly
one of my favorite accessories I own, mainly because its really silly and gives off an urban
L.A. feel.
Moving downward the next item you will find is my gold leaf chocker necklace which
was passed down to me from my grandmother. My grandmother has the most kick ass jewelry
collection I have ever seen and I am super honored to be wearing one of her vintage pieces.
Although in general accessorizing is not really my area of expertise, I believe the necklace
was a crucial addition to my outfit and really pulled the look together.

Its all about the shoes! One of my most prized possessions are my Jeffrey Campbell
ASI platforms. I absolutely adore these shoes because they go with almost anything,
including this outfit. In conjunction with the black cray beanie my JC’s give my outfit a
dynamic edge.
Thank- you for letting my showcase my personal style once again!! Until next time:).
Kaitlyn Lopez

Oct 17, 2014 / 2 notes

Jainam Shah
Major: Business Administration
Year: Freshman
From: Kenya
Fashion Icon: No one, I create my own fashion on a daily basis.

ainam’s all jeans outfit:
White cap-
ean Button Up- Guess
Brown Leather Belt- Vans
Dark Blue eans- Pepe eans
Classic Sneakers- Vans
Colorful Beaded Bracelets- Kenyan Traditional Bracelets
Dark Grey Wrist Watch- Fossil
Black Backpack- Nike

LV: “How does fashion look like in Kenya?”
S: “What is really cool about Kenyan fashion is the kanga pant. I own myself a pair of kanga
pants. They look a little like pj’s, really wide on top and then narrow by the ankle.”

LV: “How would you describe you style in general?”
S: “It goes according to my mood.”

LV:”Is there anything you do no like in current fashion?”
S: “On this campus a lot of guys don’t dress up, they just wear socks an shorts. In Kenya
guys wear jeans but never shorts.”

Oct 16, 2014 / 1 note

Name: Mariah Portillo
Instagram: @_mcp04 
Age: 23 
Major: Phychology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Baldwin Park
Fashion Icon: fashion profiles on instagram and her previous employer Windsor

Describe today’s outfit in one sentence: “My outfit is cozy and colorful – I thought
today was going to be cold!”

Cream Knitted Sweater: Windsor
Heather-Grey Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Ripped Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Flower Print Scarf: Windsor
Cross ecklace and Stud Earrings: Windsor
Brown Western-Inspired Boots: Sole Mate
Black and Leopard Bag: DSW

Mariah’s hair sent us spinning; she styled it herself – so cute and impressive! Her
relaxed but fun outfit caught our eye as the weather cools down – for now.

LV: “How do you feel about television that reduces men and women down to their
bodies and clothes, like Fashion Police or the best/worst dressed lists?”
MP: “It’s not that great. It’s basic media. But you have the freedom to wear what
your feel. You wear your mood.”

LV: “Do you think there is a double standard for women to dress nicely or risk not
being taken seriously?”
MP: “There is a double standard. You should be judged on how you present your self
as a person, like how you talk and act. But at the same time, first looks are important
and that’s just how it is.”

LV: “If you had one item of clothing from anyone’s wardrobe, what would it be?”
MP: “My style has been influenced by two of my friends and former managers,
Cristal and Trish. I would want their whole wardrobes.”

Oct 15, 2014 / 1 note

ame: Julian Mininsohn

Instagram: @jmininsohn

Age: 21

Major: Journalism

Year: Senior

Hometown: Westminster, CA

Fashion Icon (if you have any): Kanye West

Describe today’s outfit in one sentence: My outfit is relaxed, yet trendy. 

Blue Button-Down Shirt: H&M

Khaki-Colored Pants: H&M

White Watch: Diesel

Denim Shoes: Jack Purcell

It’s the attention to detail that ties in Julian’s outfit today! From matching colors to
matching timepieces, he’s keeping it cool during this cool morning shoot.

LV: “Do you feel the fashion industry and media treat men and women differently
when it comes to looking at their clothing?”

JM: “ owadays I feel the industry and media give both men and women a false sense
of what the perfect person should look like. Men are painted to be muscular and
sometimes super suave. While women are encouraged to be sex symbols. Everyone
should just feel comfortable in their own skin.”

”Do you think men’s fashion is limited compared to women’s fashion? (In
choices, availability, or otherwise?)”
JM: “Yes but I feel guys are okay with that. Some days I just want to be simple and
wear a t-shirt and Levi’s.” 

LV: “Do you think society gives men enough credit for putting effort into getting an
outfit together? Or is the process pretty close to the complaint that it’s like ‘rolling
out of bed’?”
JM: “I don’t think men get enough credit for trying. It’s hard and takes effort to look
your best every day, guy or girl. My dad always taught me to be polished and clean
cut, not just for myself, but for my peers and those around me. ‘Always look
presentable,’ he said.” 

”Do you have any tips for the guys out there who may need a pointer or two on
how to tie together an outfit?”
JM: “It’s cliché but just be you. Wear what makes you smile. Wear what makes you
comfortable. And don’t be afraid to try something new.”

Oct 15, 2014 / 1 note

Name: Liron Wilson
Hometown: Fresno
Occupation: Professor at the University of La Verne

Liron swags out in a sporty casual look
Hat - virus brand
Tank top - Guild gear
Shoes - Adidas

LV: “Describe your style in one sentence?”
LW: “My style is Sporty and athletic.”

LV: “Would you say your upbringing has had a big impact on your sense of style as a whole?”
LW: “Of course. I was always into sports and living an active lifestyle.”

LV: “How would you say that media depicts fashion, trends and the male/female models that promote it? Would say it’s more negative or positive?”
LW: “It can go both ways but I see some ridiculous things people wear due to some nonsense you see on social or normal media.”

LV: “Do you have any fashion icons?”
LW: “Me myself and I…but no I just mainly sport adidas.”

Oct 11, 2014

Greetings LaVoguers,

This is the second time I have the pleasure of showcasing my style on our blog. When we spot people on University of La Verne campus it is our mission to not only present their unique outfits but also to interview them. Asking questions about fashion lets us understand better the individual behind the clothing and present their personal story. Today, I will answer my three favorite questions to ask during the interviews. I hope you enjoy reading it!

How would you describe your style in general?

As the years go by I am learning to embrace my femininity and be proud of it. I strive to be a great professional but also to be a lady I believe that dresses in my closet help me accentuate those goals. In general, I would describe my style as classy chic with a spoonful of playfulness.

What were your past styles?

Although today I am not shy to accentuate my femininity when I was younger I dressed like a tomboy. I did not want to be perceived as a girly girl who was not cool enough to play with the boys. I remember that the main part of my daily outfit was a pair of jeans.

Who influenced your style?

My mother plays an important role in many aspects of my life including fashion. She always encouraged me to accept myself for who I am and express my personality through various means. When I look at the pictures from the past I hope to one day become as classy and confident as mother is.

Oct 11, 2014

Name: Andrew Rivera
Age: 21 
Hometown: West Covina, CA
Major: Art
Year: Senior
Icon: Paul Walker

Maroon Shirt: Covert
Pants: CottonOn
Shoes: Vans
Hat: Covert

LV: “What style would you like to see reemerge?”
AR: “I would like to see the 1920s style to comeback because that shit is classy as hell.”

LV: “What is your favorite color and/or pattern to wear and why?”
AR: “Solids because I do not like patterns.”

LV: “What is your favorite store to shop at and why?”
AR: “Active and Covert because they have the style I typically wear.”

Oct 8, 2014

Kimmy Kabluyen
Major: Computer Science
Year: Sophomore
Age: 18 
From: Hesperia
Fashion Icon: Vanessa Hudgens

Kimmy’s flowy outfit
White Top- H&M
Flowy Pants- Nordstrom
Sandals- Forever21 
Full of Patterns Backpack- Betsey Johnson
Silver Ring with a Blue Stone- a Purchase from Mexico

LV: ”How would you describe your style in general?”
KK: “I usually dress athletic and lazy but I like to dress once in a while. When I dress up its
more hippie and bohemian style.”

LV: “Is there any TV show or a movie that presented styles you enjoyed?”
KK: “I love Gossip Girl and in particular Blair Waldorf’s style.”

LV: “What are your thoughts on fashion among athletes?”
KK: “From athletes perspective, we do not get dressed up all the time and it is hard to know
your teammates’ fashion because I always see them in their uniform or practice clothing.
However, fashion is important because when you dress good it gives you confidence.”

Oct 7, 2014 / 2 notes

Name: Mona Lutfi
Year: Junior
Major: Theatre
Fashion icon: one

Pants: Charlotte Russe
Blouse: Citiwear
Shoes: Ross
Earrings: Citiwear

Ab: What or who influences your style?
ML: “I’m not really sure what or who I’m influenced by with my style. It kind of just

AB: What’s your least favorite pair/ style of clothing?
“I would have to say really short tops. They look really weird on me so they’re not
my favorite.”

AB: What season is your favorite for fashion?
ML: “Fall is definitely my favorite fashion season. I love all the rich and warm colors
because personally I think they look good on everyone. It’s a time when everything
looks so calm and romantic, I love it!”

Oct 7, 2014 / 1 note

Joshua Francis
Major: Criminology
Year: Freshman
Age: 18 
From: Covina, CA
Fashion Icon: Pharrell

Joshua’s casual but fitted outfit:
Glasses- Penguin
Chequered Green and White Shirt- H&M
Backpack with Tribal Prints- MI
Black Corduroy Pants- H&M
Wrist Watch- Target
Back Suede Sneakers- Nike anowski SP

LV: “How would you describe style in general?”
F: “Good balance of street wear and casual hipster wear. Sometimes slightly athletic, I am
not a fan of bumming it so even when I wear sweat pants I have to make sure I have a good
pair of shoes at least.”

LV: “Do you have a fashion motto?”
F: “Look good, do good, feel good. If I don’t look good I am not going to feel good and if I
don’t feel good you know you are not going to do good.”

LV:”Is there anything you do not like about current fashion?”
F: “I do not like when men wear black tight leather pants. It looks very uncomfortable and
weird for a man to wear pants so tight.”